The Boston Globe Op-ed
Boston rolls up its sleeves for action on climate change
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Amos B. Hostetter Jr.

Mayor Walsh Joins Compact of Mayors Committed to Climate Action

New Boston Green Ribbon Commission research outlines critical roles of public/private partnership 

The Patch
Boston receives $350K grant for climate change preparedness 
Frank O'Laughlin

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Green Ribbon Commission addressing local climate change
Christopher S. Pineo

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Power to the People: Why the rise of green energy makes utility companies nervous.
Bill McKibben

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On climate change, faith communities must practice what they preach
Op-Ed by Rev. Ray Hammond
Foundations Begin Investing in Climate Change and Health: New Report
Karla Fortunato

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Mayor Walsh Announces Newest Participants in Mayor's Carbon Cup

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Mayor Walsh Enlists the Dutch to Manage Boston Sea Levels
Erick Trickey

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Boston was just named the top city in the country for saving energy — here’s why
Chelsea Harvey



An Introduction to Institutional Renewable Energy Procurement in Massachusetts

Resilient Food Systems, Resilient Cities: Recommendations for the City of Boston
, Produced with support from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Enhancing Resilience in Boston, a Guide for Large Buildings and Institutions
 - A Report by A Better City

Green Ribbon Commission Recommendations to Gov. Baker, 2014

Designing with Water, A Report by the Boston Harbor Association

A City at Work - A Report for the Barr Foundation


The Boston Green Ribbon Commission is a group of business, institutional and civic leaders in Boston working to develop shared strategies for fighting climate change in coordination with the city’s Climate Action Plan.

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  • (@BosGreenRibbon): RT @cartercraft: "creating Sim City for real." Story of @Tygron borne fr @tudelft 10 yrs ago. Climate Adaptation Tools #ABX2015 thx @BSAAI…
  • (@BosGreenRibbon): "creating Sim City for real." Story of @Tygron borne fr @tudelft 10 yrs ago. Climate Adaptation Tools #ABX2015 thx @BSAAIA @BosGreenRibbon
  • (@BosGreenRibbon): Resiliency means thinking broader. Learning fr @BostonLwW & @rotterdam Water Plazas thx @ABetterCity @NLintheUSA @BosGreenRibbon #ABX2015
  • (@BosGreenRibbon): @ABetterCity "Challenge for Sustainability" works w 90 businesses incl 40m sq ft. 2k steps fwd over last 5 yrs @BosGreenRibbon #ABX2015
  • (@BosGreenRibbon): "Striving for Transformation in our Energy Sector." Read about @BosGreenRibbon's partnership with the @BarrFDN.
  • (@BosGreenRibbon): New England #Energy Leaders & Officials Meet To Discuss Grid Modernization at an event by @AEEnet @NECEC & the GRC.

The GRC Celebrates Five Years of Climate Action in Boston 

Bud Ris and Dr. John Holdren  Mayor Walsh Addresses the GRC Ed Mazria

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission met on November 9th at the offices of Nutter McLennen & Fish.   The meeting marked the group’s 5th Anniversary of the GRC, and the group marked the occasion with reflections on both the distance traveled in the past five years and the road ahead for Boston in the face of rapid climate change.

Read full highlights of the meeting and download materials here.

In the Balance: The Future of New England's Growing Energy Needs and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The GRC presents four new reports designed to advance the conversation around how we meet our growing energy needs with a more a sustainable supply in Massachusetts.

In the coming decade all stakeholders will have to make choices that will affect not only where their energy comes from, but also how much it will cost, and how that fits with Boston's greenhouse gas reduction goals and efforts to mitigate the serious impacts of climate change. 

These reports are essential reading for anyone interested in participating in important conversations about New England's energy future.  They provide fundamental information about how the energy supply system works in New England, while highlighting strategies for institutional renewable energy procurement and public sector innovation to reduce greenhouse gases. 

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GRC Launches Renewable Energy Leadership Prize

The Green Ribbon Commission has launched an RFP process for its new Renewable Energy Leadership Prize which will award $100,000 to the organization (or consortium of organizations) that develops the most compelling strategy for large-scale renewable energy generation from either on-site or off-site sources.

The Prize is designed to inspire local large commercial, institutional, and public sector (CI&P) energy consumers to implement renewable energy procurement strategies at scale. Funding for the Prize comes from the Boston-based 
Barr Foundation as part of its Climate Program and efforts to promote clean energy in the region. 

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Boston's Climate Action Plan

 Boston has a lot at stake when it comes to climate change. With rising sea levels alone, more than $463 billion in Boston’s waterfront assets are at risk of flooding and damage. And such estimates do not even begin to account for the costs of more frequent severe weather events and the associated migrations and displacements of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission is a group of business, institutional and civic leaders in Boston working to develop shared strategies for fighting climate change in coordination with the city’s Climate Action Plan
The plan includes strong recommendations on how Bostonians can:
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce emissions
  • Prepare for extreme weather and higher sea levels
Many cities have produced similar plans. But few have also enlisted the support and leadership of the local business community as effectively as Boston.

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In Boston, Faith Communities Act on Climate Change

In a recent op-ed in the Boston Globe, Rev. Ray Hammond of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and member of the GRC, applauds communities of all faiths in Boston for their actions to combat climate change, and for Pope Francis' decisive points in his ecological encyclical.

"Laudato Si' urges people of any faith or no faith to honor the earth and its resources through immediate action. We applaud Pope Francis for shining a bright light on the moral imperatives presented by climate change and reminding us of this inescapable reality: In Boston and around the world, our gratitude for the gift of creation must be more than a feeling. It must be a fact that is demonstrated in our individual choices and actions, our institutional policies, our laws, our regulations, and our local and global commitment to living more sustainably."
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The Virtuous Cycle in Energy Efficiency

The Virtuous Cycle builds on many years of organizational change research at MIT to understand the factors that lead to enterprise success in Strategic Energy Management. This model creates a framework for understanding the organizational capacities that need to be in place for organizations to make consistent progress on deep reductions in energy consumption. Experience shows that organizations that invest in these core competencies can achieve energy efficiency gains well above the City's 2020 target of 25%.

Under a grant from the Barr Foundation, the GRC has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to facilitate a peer learning network with representation from the City of Boston, Massport, DCAMM, Comcast, Boston Housing Authority and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. As a result, this partnership has helped fine tune the model for the Virtuous Cycle in Energy Efficiency, which EDF developed in partnership with Jason Jay at the MIT Sloan School. 

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