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Boston's Climate Action Plan

Boston has a lot at stake when it comes to climate change. With rising sea levels alone, more than $463 billion in Boston’s waterfront assets are at risk of flooding and damage. And such estimates do not even begin to account for the costs of more frequent severe weather events and the associated migrations and displacements of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission is a group of business, institutional and civic leaders in Boston working to develop shared strategies for fighting climate change in coordination with the city’s Climate Action Plan. The plan includes strong recommendations on how Bostonians can:

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce emissions
  • Prepare for extreme weather and higher sea levels

Many cities have produced similar plans. But few have also enlisted the support and leadership of the local business community as effectively as Boston.

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The Green Ribbon Commission is truly thankful for Mayor Menino's leadership in making climate prearedness a top priority for the city of Boston.

The Virtuous Cycle in Energy Efficiency

The Virtuous Cycle builds on many years of organizational change research at MIT to understand the factors that lead to enterprise success in Strategic Energy Management. This model creates a framework for understanding the organizational capacities that need to be in place for organizations to make consistent progress on deep reductions in energy consumption. Experience shows that organizations that invest in these core competencies can achieve energy efficiency gains well above the City's 2020 target of 25%.

Under a grant from the Barr Foundation, the GRC has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to facilitate a peer learning network with representation from the City of Boston, Massport, DCAMM, Comcast, Boston Housing Authority and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. As a result, this partnership has helped fine tune the model for the Virtuous Cycle in Energy Efficiency, which EDF developed in partnership with Jason Jay at the MIT Sloan School.

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