Report | GRC Report | 05.02.16

Solving the Puzzle: A Case Study of the Renewable Energy Leadership Prize

The Renewable Energy Leadership Prize was designed to catalyze action on climate change by spurring institutions to work through these barriers, essentially offering to buy them the time and the expertise to solve the puzzle. This report is a case study on the RELP process and its aim is to share the lessons learned with other institutions and businesses that are considering purchasing renewable energy. It is also designed to reach those who are in a position to shape the policy framework for a clean energy future in Boston and beyond.

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Brief | Higher Education | 03.27.16

Green Labs Symposium White Paper

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission’s green labs symposium, co‐hosted by the GRC Higher Education Working Group (led by Harvard University) and the
Health Care Working group (led by Health Care Without Harm), brought together more than 150 lab experts from the higher education, healthcare, and
biotech sectors to explore shared challenges and successes in lab sustainability.

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Brief | Climate Preparedness | 01.13.16

Climate Ready Boston Overview

The City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan, released by Mayor Marty Walsh in 2015, emphasized the need to take action…

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