Carbon Free Boston

The Carbon Free Boston initiative will signal the need to transition from old, dirty carbon-based fuels to 100% clean and renewable energy sources in every sector of the economy.

The Green Ribbon Commission brings together utilities, large institutions, public and private sector organizations to share best practice in technologies, policies, and strategies in meeting Boston’s goal of reducing 80 percent of its GHG emissions by 2050.

Boston’s 80×50 vision will serve as a guide for the development of integrated policies and projects across public and private sectors. Boston will have to change how it uses energy in its buildings and transportation system and how that energy is produced in order to achieve an 80×50 GHG reduction. To meet the 80 x 50 target, the focus needs to be on reducing demand — through efficiency demand response programs, and storage – and increasing clean energy. A modernized grid will be the backbone for the strategy.

More on the City of Boston’s 80×50 goal in the Climate Action Plan can be found here.



  • Mindy Lubber


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