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GRC Study Tour Dispatch: The Multiplier Effect

During the week of June 13-17, 2016, the Green Ribbon Commission spearheaded a tour of clean energy and climate change solutions in The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden for city and state leaders. The purpose of the Climate Innovations Study Tour is to gain knowledge of cutting-edge European practices for achieving city carbon neutrality and long-term climate preparedness to advance the City and Commonwealth’s climate strategies.

The Edge

Photo courtesy Mary Skelton Roberts via Twitter

When Green Ribbon Commission tour participants met with OVG CEO Coen van Oostrom during our visit to The Edge in Amsterdam this week, he told us he was not particularly inclined toward sustainability until he met Al Gore. Even then, the idea of developing the world’s highest rated BREEAM building started as something of an internal corporate joke. Now the company has grabbed onto it as a competitive advantage in its business model of moving companies (like Deloitte) out of their old office space(s) into the custom workspace of the future where millennials want to work and hang out.

Which markets is van Oostrom eyeing now? You guessed it – the US. OVG is in the process of closing on a corporate headquarters in New Jersey, and exploring other East Coast opportunities.

From a one-on-one encounter, to a building that improves work life for thousands, to multiple buildings…what a great example of the multiplier effect!

Amy Longsworth, Director of the Green Ribbon Commission


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