News | GRC Study Tour Dispatches | 06.21.16

GRC Study Tour Dispatch: Reflections from Boston City Council President Michelle Wu

Throughout the GRC Climate Innovations Study Tour, Boston City Council President, Michelle Wu, chronicled her experiences on Twitter with great photos and insight.  If you’d like to see a social media recap of the trip you can see our Storify.

Upon leaving, Councillor Wu summed up her trip in a series of tweets that captured the sentiments and discoveries from many of the participants. This is what she had to say:


“Safe & seamless bike infra means all age groups & families can ride! #GRCstudytour” – Michelle Wu


“Here’s 1 of Maeslant Barrier’s 2 arms (each Eiffel Tower-sized) that close to protect from storm surge #GRCstudytour” – Michelle Wu



“#ZohoRotterdam: climate-adapted district w civic space that doubles as storm water collection basin #GRCstudytour” -Michelle Wu


For a full recap of the Climate Innovations Study Tour, visit our page here.

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