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Time to Think Electric

Before you start looking for a new car, Mass Energy has some fantastic incentives on electric vehicles (EVs) you may want to consider.

GRC friend, Dan Ruben, Executive Director of Boston Green Tourism filled us in on a this partnership between Mass Energy and auto dealers to sell electric vehicles at a discount of up to $9200. If you add in the tax incentives ($7,500 federal, $2,500 state), you can buy a new plug-in car for up to $19,200 off the MSRP. Below, Dan explains the Drive Green with Mass Energy Program:


Drive Green with Mass Energy lasts from now until President’s Day.

Why has Mass Energy organized this program?

The switch from gasoline cars to electric vehicles (EVs) is critical for addressing climate change. Now that EVs have become affordable, with high driver satisfaction and improved range, Mass Energy wants to spur their growth.

The cars in the program

·         2017 Chevy Volt: Plug-in hybrid. Range of 53 miles electric, then switches to gas for 420 miles total. Best price, $17,555.

·         2016 Ford C-Max Energi: Plug-in hybrid. Range of 21 miles electric, then switches to gas for 600 miles total. Best price, $23,391.

·         2017 Ford Fusion Energi: Plug-in hybrid. Range of 21 miles electric, then switches to gas for 600 miles total. Best price, $22,502.

·         2016 Nissan Leaf: Pure electric. Range of 83 or 107 mile range, depending on model. Best price, $11,930.

·         2017 Chevy Bolt: Pure electric. Range of 238 miles will be available late this year or early 2017. Price not yet determined—you can get on the waiting list.


The advantages of EV’s

·         Fight climate change: compared to the average U.S. car, plug-in hybrids emit ½ the greenhouse gases, and pure electrics emit 1/3 as much. Pure electrics powered by wind or solar energy produce zero.

·         Cheap to run: at today’s electricity price, electricity costs the equivalent of $1.88 per gallon. Pure EV’s require much less maintenance than gasoline cars—and no oil changes.

·         Charge up at home. Spend less time at gas stations. Public charging stations are becoming common.

·         They’re quiet.



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If you have questions, contact Mass Energy: drivegreen@massenergy.org or 800-287-3950 x5.

Anybody can participate in this program. Spread the word!


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