News | Climate Preparedness, GRC | 12.08.16

City of Boston releases Climate Ready Boston

At a press conference in City Hall, GRC Co-Chairs Amos Hostetter and Mayor Walsh, along with the City of Boston’s Chief of Environment and Energy, Austin Blackmon, today released the Climate Ready Boston report.   This report is a roadmap for meeting the challenges our city faces as a result of climate change.

Climate Ready Boston is coordinated with Imagine Boston 2030, the first citywide plan in 50 years, and 100 Resilient Cities, to guide Boston toward a more affordable, equitable, connected, and resilient future.

The report details how Boston can thrive in the coming decades if it takes action to adapt its people, its neighborhoods, and its economic and cultural assets, starting now. The report features four components:

UPDATED CLIMATE PROJECTIONS: A set of updated projections for four climate factors: extreme temperatures, sea level rise, extreme precipitation, and storms.

VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT: A comprehensive evaluation of current and potential future risks associated with each of three climate hazards (extreme heat, stormwater flooding, and coastal and riverine flooding) for Boston’s people, buildings, infrastructure, and economy.

FOCUS AREAS: Eight Boston areas where the results of the Vulnerability Assessment and the climate resilience initiatives are applied in more detail to illustrate the risks Boston faces and how Boston can address them.

CLIMATE RESILIENCE INITIATIVES:  These policy, planning, programmatic, and financial initiatives address the risks identified in the Vulnerability Assessment and work together to increase Boston’s resilience.

Download the full report here: Climate Ready Boston.



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