News | Energy, Renewable Energy Prize | 01.11.17

MIT Campus greenhouse gas emissions down 7 percent since 2014

MIT’s total campus emissions have dropped by 7 percent since 2014, according to MIT’s second annual greenhouse gas inventory. The inventory, whose results were released by the MIT Office of Sustainability in collaboration with the Department of Facilities and the Environment, Health and Safety Office, measured campus emissions in fiscal year 2016, which runs from July 2015 through June 2016. The analysis provides a wealth of data to inform MIT’s carbon-reduction strategies going forward.

Looking forward, MIT recognizes that investing in renewable energy by deploying additional renewable energy systems on campus and enabling off-site renewable energy production is a key component of the plan. In October 2016, MIT committed to partnering and investing in the development of the Summit Farms Solar Project in North Carolina, a 60 megawatt solar photovoltaic farm. When this project is completed in 2017, MIT will purchase solar energy equivalent to 40 percent of its current electricity use, which will neutralize emissions by 17 percent. This alliance with Boston Medical Center and Friends of Post Office Square is an additional demonstration that MIT is prepared to take large-scale action on climate change.

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