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Climate Progress, With or Without Trump

In this oped in the New York Times, Michael Bloomberg, explains how market forces are shifting toward a clean energy economy – with or without the current administration’s backing.

The strong momentum toward cleaner fuels will not wane against the current of legislative rollbacks we’ve seen recently.

“Those who believe that the Trump administration will end American leadership on climate change are making the same mistake as those who believe that it will put coal miners back to work: overestimating Washington’s ability to influence energy markets, and underestimating the role that cities, states, businesses and consumers are playing in driving down emissions on their own.

Though few people realize it, more than 250 coal plants — almost half of the total number in this country — have announced in recent years that they will close or switch to cleaner fuels. Washington isn’t putting these plants out of business; the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan hasn’t even gone into effect yet.”

Read – and share – the full oped here: Climate Progress, With or Without Trump – The New York Times

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