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Boston seizes clean energy opportunity

A GRC Founding Member and President of Ceres, Inc., Mindy Lubber, writes on Commonwealth Magazine.com, that city and state-driven momentum for climate action is quickly and effectively filling holes that federal inaction is creating.

In her op-ed, Lubber writes,”We now know that there is unstoppable momentum in the city and state-driven clean energy markets – enough to keep renewables alive and growing through the next four years and beyond. According to the Energy Information Administration, renewable energy accounted for 70 percent of new energy capacity added in the U.S over the past two years. And it’s a trend that is expected to continue.

Local and regional clean energy-focused economies, together with a coalition of major international corporations that have pledged to run all of their operations with 100 percent renewable energy, see enormous opportunities. We’re in a new ball game, with a big upside for Boston.”

Read her full piece in Commonwealth Magazine.

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