GRC in the News | Commercial Real Estate | 05.15.17

Boston’s rising seas: Tide turns in fight to mitigate effects of climate change

City of Boston and the GRC featured on Curbed Boston detailing efforts to mitigate sea level rise.

Climate change and its cause may be contentious elsewhere, but, in Boston, everyone agrees: Climate change is occurring, greenhouse gases are its cause, and Boston is especially vulnerable because the Atlantic Ocean laps at our door.

So city leaders have mounted a full court press to deal with its consequences.

“Climate change is real,” said Austin Blackmon, Boston’s chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space. “We’re preparing for its impacts, which will depend on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted globally.”

The biggest concern is sea-level rise. It could be two and a half feet by 2100 if world emissions are reduced significantly now, Blackmon estimated. Worst case? The sea level could rise more than 10 feet. [Read more.]

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