Blog Post | Climate Preparedness, GRC | 05.04.17

City of Boston Seeking Residents to Become Climate Leaders

The City of Boston and the Boston Green Ribbon Commission are looking for Bostonians who want to lead their communities in raising awareness and understanding of the climate impacts Boston is facing.  We want to involve Bostonians in developing and advancing Climate Ready Boston action items aimed at preparing the City for the impacts of a changing climate.  We want you to be a Climate Leader.

The City of Boston and GRC are partnering with community and business leaders to share key findings from the Climate Ready Boston report and gain input on the near term strategies being considered.

How do you talk to your friends, co-workers, families about the climate changes impacts Boston faces over the coming 50 – 75 years? The focus of the Climate Leaders programs is to feel empowered to discuss the serious consequences but also make sure your audience knows the benefits of Boston becoming climate ready.

One of the best ways for people to process climate risks and contribute to responses is to co-explore trends through dialogue. We need Bostonians from all neighborhoods to become Climate Leaders so we can all ensure our city, our communities are climate ready.

To find out more about becoming a Climate Leader and to access to dialogue materials, visit the Climate Ready Boston page on the City of Boston’s website.

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