GRC in the News | GRC | 05.31.17

Green Ribbon Commission Joins Mayor, Boston Leaders to Reaffirm Climate Commitments

As America waits to see if the Trump administration will pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh with business and philanthropic leaders of the city, reaffirmed the city’s commitment to greenhouse gas reductions and continuing to grow clean energy here in Massachusetts.  He made his comments at a press conference today at City Hall.

More than 190 countries have signed on the Paris Agreement, the world’s first comprehensive climate accord.  By leaving the agreement the U.S. sends the wrong message to other world leaders about our national commitment to climate action.

“It will damage our reputation as an international leader, it will undermine our country’s commitment to meeting the challenges of climate change, and it will also put at risk our future generations,” Mayor Walsh said.

However it does not detract from Boston’s unwavering commitment to continue to be a global leader and contributor to climate actions goals.  The GRC stands with the Mayor in holding steadfast on our commitments to grow our clean energy economy and support the actions within the Climate Ready Boston Plan.

If you missed the Mayor’s press conference you can watch the whole piece here.

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