GRC in the News | Health Care | 06.15.17

Boston’s Health Care Sector is Leading the Climate Action Charge

Climate Change is a public health crisis.  Boston’s medical professionals witness daily the growing danger that climate change poses to the health of people here in Boston. They see its impacts in emergency rooms during extended heat waves, in treating more patients with asthma and other respiratory ailments, and in investments to make facilities resilient to effects such as sea level rise. Those in health care, climate change is a real and proximate threat.

Boston’s health care sector  are taking these threats seriously and many of our GRC members in health care are leading the nation in resiliency measures.

In an oped in the Boston GLobe, GRC members Kate Walsh of Boston Medical Center, and David Torchiana of Partners Healthcare share some of the amazing achievements they and their colleagues have achieved and outline what more can be done to maintain our climate action leadership.

Read the full oped in the Boston Globe here.

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