Blog Post | Energy | 12.08.17

GRC Members Among Grantees of State Energy Storage

State government grants totaling $20 million are being handed out Thursday to grow an energy storage market that has the potential to reshape the power landscape and deliver new benefits to ratepayers, reports WBUR.

Energy storage can help meet peak demand power requirements, enable the storage of weather-dependent clean energy, provide power during traditional outages, and increase the reliability of the electric grid, officials say. The grants, they say, will facilitate the growth of still-developing storage technologies such as batteries, flywheels, thermal storage and pumped hydroelectric storage.

The 26 projects receiving grants will benefit 25 communities, but officials say the market will lead to benefits for all ratepayers.

Among those grantees were many GRC members: National Grid, UMass Boston, General Electric, and Boston Medical Center.  For more information visit Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s website.

Congratulations to all!

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