| Transportation | 12.18.19

Boston Green Ribbon Commission Statement on the Transportation Climate Initiative MOU Release:

Today, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and 11 other participating states plus the District of Columbia that collectively make up the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), invited public input on a draft “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU). This MOU will inform the final TCI program design that will establish a cap on global warming pollution from transportation fuels and invest millions annually to achieve additional benefits through reduced emissions, cleaner transportation, healthier communities, and more resilient infrastructure.

As outlined in the Carbon Free Boston Report, carbon emissions from transportation is a major challenge for Boston as it strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Transportation is responsible for a quarter of Boston’s total emissions, and 75% of those emissions come from trips that start or end outside of Boston. 

The proposed solution is a proven, market-based policy approach that will both cut carbon emissions and generate revenues for transit and other critical low-polluting transportation infrastructure. In the Boston area, the need is acute for reliable, affordable transportation options that work for everybody: residents, commuters, employers, students, and visitors. Doing more of the same will not get us there. Boston’s success in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 relies on better transportation policies and investments. TCI is a very strong start.  

We encourage you to learn more and comment on the MOU HERE


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