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Curing hospitals’ addiction to the fossil fuels that make people sick

Green hospitals may be better prepared to deal with Covid-19.

By Nick Leiber – March 27, 2020

It’s noisy in the building systems control room at Boston Medical Center, the largest safety-net hospital and busiest emergency services operation in New England. Computers chime alerts, phones ring, and walkie-talkies crackle with updates about the systems that keep the air clean, the temperature consistent, and other functions needed for the well-being of thousands of patients and roughly 6,000 clinicians and other staff who work there. Planning for a large surge in COVID-19 cases adds an electric sense of urgency in the control room — and throughout the hospital.

In addition to helping ready facilities for the outbreak, the dispatchers are on a mission to eliminate energy waste in the massive buildings, some of which are over a century old. Thousands of sensors spread across the 1.9 million square feet of building space on the hospital’s South End campus signal the dispatchers if a steam valve registers hotter than it should, a cold stairwell threatens to burst a water pipe, or if something else requires immediate repair or maintenance by a technician. If someone opens the door to the rooftop farm, where the hospital grows thousands of pounds of produce annually to serve patients through its kitchen and food pantry, they’ll know.

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