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Leadership In A More Complex World

By Mindy Lubber – April 7, 2020

In times of a global crisis, we know that leadership matters.  

It is critical not just when the crisis hits, but also in preparing for it – whether it is a deadly novel virus or another profound global threat such as the climate crisis. 

We also know, and have seen in recent weeks as the deadly coronavirus has spread, that the public responds to strong leadership — whether from state governors or city mayors, national or local health officials, or school superintendents and community leaders. Residents and businesses have had to transform their day-to-day, forsaking the dine-in experience for take-out, going virtual for classes and meetings, and avoiding the smallest of social and networking gatherings for the public good. Based on my observations, they are doing it with grace and dignity. Waves and friendly greetings are suddenly back in vogue in our neighborhoods and collective rounds of applause for workers on the front lines are happening across our cities. It gives me hope as we look to the societal responses we need to help us get through a crisis.

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