| GRC | 05.12.20

Green Ribbon Commission Statement on AG Healy’s Just-Released Environmental Justice Brief, “COVID-19’s Unequal Effects in Massachusetts”

“Attorney General Healey’s position statement makes the key point that many public health and climate problems have common solutions in the form of clean energy, green jobs, strong environmental regulations, and protection of environmental justice communities. Such initiatives are elements of a much-needed actionable climate equity strategy for Massachusetts. The correlation between environmental degradation and COVID-19 is clear, as researchers at Boston University (a Green Ribbon Commission member) have statistically demonstrated using data from the Commonwealth. People who live in communities that are more dense, less green, more polluted, lower-lying, and closer to industrial infrastructure are more prone to becoming severely ill from pandemics.  The Carbon Free Boston Social Equity report and others have shown that the same populations are also more vulnerable to climate impacts, like heat, flooding, and pollution. We should seek ways to solve these challenges together.

Read the press release here

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