Climate Ready Boston Report

This the latest report for Climate Ready Boston, the City’s ongoing initiative to prepare Boston for the impacts of climate change. The report shows that Boston can tackle the challenge of climate change while creating new economic opportunities and improving quality of life in neighborhoods across the city.

To address these challenges, the latest Climate Ready Boston report features four components:

  • Updated Climate Projections: Updated projections for four climate factors: extreme temperatures, sea level rise, extreme precipitation, and storms.
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of current and potential future risks associated with extreme heat and flooding on Boston’s residents, buildings, infrastructure, and economy.
  • Climate Resilience Initiatives: Recommended policy, planning, programmatic, and financial initiatives that address the risks identified in the Vulnerability Assessment, summarized in a recommended Implementation Roadmap that sets forth, for each initiative, time frame and key milestones.
  • Focus Areas: Eight Boston areas where the results of the Vulnerability Assessment and the climate resilience initiatives are applied in more detail to illustrate the risks Boston faces and how Boston can address them. The focus areas recognize that some risk, particularly for coastal and riverine flooding, is spatially concentrated.


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