What is the GRC? 

The GRC is a commission of leaders from Boston’s major private sector industries, the City and the State, convened to support the development and outcomes of the City’s Climate Action Plan.


What is the GRC’s Cultural Institutions Working Group? 

The Cultural Institutions Working Group was born out of the understanding that Boston’s Cultural Institutions have a broad and unique audience. They are a consortium of art, science and entertainment organizations committed to leadership on climate action through creativity, education, and facility energy efficiency and resilience.


Who are the members? 

See here for a list of members.


What are the goals of the GRC Cultural Institutions Working Group? – 

Help participating members:

  • Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies.
  • Create resiliency plans and participate in City resilience efforts.
  • Identify opportunities to communicate with audiences and the broader Boston community to increase awareness about climate change and help individuals take action on it.
  • Speak with a united voice about sector challenges and opportunities in advancing climate-smart actions.

Foster and support of:

  • Cultural programming that brings aspects of climate change into new kinds of awareness among creators and audiences.
  • The development of programs at individual organizations and the potential for collective or coordinated city-wide programming.


What sector specific climate issues are the members engaged with?

Role of Arts and Creativity in Addressing Climate Change

Collections Care

Equity and Social Change

Special Operational Considerations for Cultural Facilities

Historic Preservation

Leadership in Neighborhood Resilience


What activities and events does the GRC Cultural Institutions Working Group organize?

Trainings and Workshops

Interactive Presentations with City Officials

Networking Events

Developing Opportunities for Collective Impact

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