Key Messages

  • The timing is urgent; climate impacts are affecting Bostonians now.  We understand the science of what is happening and why, but we need to create political will for action. 
  • Everyone is affected by climate — it links us across the City, across the Commonwealth, and beyond.  Boston has an important role to play as the leading City and economic hub of New England. The Cultural sector is actively participating in this work.
  • Creativity is an essential tool for helping people understand and respond to climate change.
  • Change is inevitable; it can be positive and transformational; and a better Boston lies ahead.  
  • Socially vulnerable populations are exposed to the greatest risks and have the most to lose—or gain—from actions taken to address climate impacts. As Boston works to become safe and carbon-neutral, we have the simultaneous opportunity to create an inclusive and equitably prosperous city.
  • Carbon mitigation is the ultimate climate resilience tool.
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