Maeslant Barrier, Rotterdam

Part of the GRC EU Climate Innovations Study Tour, participants toured the Maeslant barrier. The Maeslant barrier is a storm surge barrier that is part of the Delta Works and is one of largest moving structures on earth dividing Nieuwe waterway and the Scheur River.  The main objective of the project was to improve the safety of Rotterdam against flooding of the harbor. The visit includes a tour of the barrier, an example of a large infrastructure approach to climate preparedness, as well as an overview of the Netherlands’ Delta Program and overall climate planning framework, finance and challenges by Ruud Staverman and Martien Beek from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The briefing includes a discussion of the Netherland’s current work using soft and green infrastructure approaches to water management. The presentations from the discussion are below:

Working on the Dutch Delta in the 21st Century

The Delta Program, Keeping the Netherland Climate Proof

Water Management in the Netherlands

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