Member Commitment

Members of the Working Group that use or are associated with the Boston Green Ribbon Commission Cultural Institutions Working Group brand commit to taking leadership on climate action, specifically:

  1. Awaken and engage our own institutions about the urgency of responding to climate change and its impacts by:
    • Educating our boards and leadership on the risks of inaction and encouraging them to consider strategies for action.
    • Building climate literacy and awareness amongst staff in a way that is actionable and positive.
  2. Align our sector’s resilience and mitigation efforts with City goals:
    • Translate high-level strategies to sector-specific, institution-specific action. 
    • Identify and advocate for sector-wide solutions and resources.
    • Set an example for cultural organizations in Boston, the Commonwealth, and nationally. 
  3. Spark audience engagement through science-informed programming that resonates in emotional and visceral ways.
  4. Act collaboratively to expand creative opportunities, achieve new insights, and have impact at scale.
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