Social Media and Hashtags

There is a large Boston-area climate community engaging and communicating on social media every day. Members of the GRC’s Cultural Institutions Working Group have both a responsibility and an opportunity to highlight issues and activities related to climate change via social media and hashtags to inform the public of their commitment to helping Boston reach its resilience and carbon neutrality goals. A few tips for making the most of social media posts include:


    • Post the event registration on social media accounts at least once a week leading up to the day of the event or opening to ensure you have good attendance
    • If you are partnering with one or more other institutions or businesses to put on said event ask them to promote it on their social media
    • If you belong to a network like the GRC, share your event or exhibit and ask them to share with their networks and on their social media feed if they are willing to do so
    • Promote notable attendees or participants – If a political figure or influencer is attending or speaking at your event or exhibit that is a great way to rouse attention. Tag them in your posts – they may repost or retweet to their networks!
    • Use any relevant tags and hashtags to increase engagement around your post
    • Live tweet from the event to boost engagement which can lead to more followers and higher attendance and engagements around future events
    • Retweet and like social media posts about your event or exhibit 
    • Leverage content from past events for #ICYMI, #DidYouKnow and #TBT style tweets to boost consistency and general presence on social media.
    • When appropriate, create a hashtag (e.g. #GRCLive or #2018GreenWorks) and promote for event attendees to use during the event to engage others and drive interest.


Relevant hashtags and handles to use in your posts: 




    • #ClimateReadyBos 
    • #GreenovateBos 
    • #CarbonFreeBoston 
    • #CarbonNeutral2050
    • #climatechange
    • #Boston
    • #carbonneutral
    • #carbonfree
    • #cleanenergy



    • @BosGreenRibbon
    • @GreenovateBos
    • @CityOfBoston
    • @marty_walsh
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