The GRC works across a number of themes and work streams to help the City of Boston with the key goals of climate mitigation and climate resilience.

The GRC helps the City of Boston with climate mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and climate resilience (preparing the City for new climactic conditions).  Within those two broad categories, the GRC works across a number of themes and work streams.


The GRC brings world-leading expert climatologists, architects, transportation planners, technology innovators and others to the Boston community to help create a vision for the future.


Boston’s projected growth has stimulated a renaissance in planning, design and building.  The GRC ensures that climate change impacts are understood and incorporated into the process.

Research to Understand Market Opportunities

The GRC sponsors research on topics ranging from sub-metering technologies to the role of insurance in stimulating resiliency investments on the part of building owners.

Supporting Policy Change

Members of the GRC and the Working Groups are instrumental in building stakeholder support for climate-forward policies, such as the Boston Energy Reporting & Disclosure Ordinance.

Broad-Based Leadership Support for Climate Action

The thirty-three leaders from a broad range of sectors who serve on the Green Ribbon Commission use their voices and influence to help the City make progress on the CAP.

Specific Work Streams include:

  1. Preparedness: The current top priority is to support completion of the Climate Ready Boston study to understand impacts and vulnerabilities.
  2. Transportation: The GRC incubated and continues to engage in Boston’s mobility transformation, through the Go Boston 2030 initiative.
  3. 80X50 Strategies: Holding stakeholder meetings to understand how to deeply de-carbonize buildings, energy, transportation, and waste.
  4. Energy Supply and Grid Modernization: Organizing stakeholders to provide input into how to transform to a cleaner and more resilient energy system.
  5. Climate Finance: Explore how to engage financial markets to create value through transformation to a greener and more resilient city.