Climate Finance

The Climate Finance Series is designed to address aspects of financing a meaningful response to impending climate change.

The Series is a set of occasional conferences that explores the relationship between climate impacts – such as the need for resilient infrastructure, carbon reduction, and energy innovation – and the capital markets.  It looks at questions such as: what new modes of investment, regulations, institutions, incentives, or other tools are needed to ensure that climate risk is priced appropriately and climate resilience and mitigation are viewed as good investments?

The Green Ribbon Commission has hosted two conferences in the Climate Finance Series.  Provisioning Energy Efficiency, in February 2015, and co-hosted by the City of Boston, focused on bankable finance structures and investment opportunities in energy efficiency. It included discussion of project finance, current market demand for “green” infrastructure investment opportunities, the tight connection between climate mitigation and adaptation investments, investor confidence levels in energy efficiency project returns, a case study of the nation’s largest multi-family housing energy efficiency project financing, and the status of the Renew Boston Trust, Boston’s initiative to create more sustainable models of energy efficiency and resilient infrastructure finance.

The Climate Insurance Roundtable, in September 2015, explored the dynamic between the property and casualty insurance industry and building-owner investments in resilience in commercial and municipal real estate.  The Roundtable was held in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the UN AR!SE initiative. Participants worked to find ways to build a partnership between local insurers, financial institutions and property owners to align insurance policies with desired property resilience actions and create access to capital to finance those actions.  Specifically, the Roundable sought to:

  • Define resilience standards for existing buildings.
  • Work with insurance brokers and property owner trade associations to educate property owners regarding climate risks and resilience
  • Improve awareness and understanding of resilience insurance and finance products and services.
  • Work with the State Insurance Commissioner to encourage climate-smart insurance policies.

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