Climate Innovations European Study Tour

The Boston Green Ribbon Commission hosted leaders in policy, academics, philanthropy, and business on a Climate Innovations Study Tour focusing on climate adaptation and mitigation best practices in several advanced cities in Northern Europe.

The purpose of the tour was to gain knowledge of cutting edge European practices for achieving city carbon neutrality and long-term climate preparedness to advance the City and Commonwealth’s climate strategies. European cities and countries have been global leaders in pursuing carbon neutrality and long-term climate resilience. A supportive policy environment, deep concerns about long-term energy security, and political parties with strong environmental agendas, drive this leadership. This study tour will create opportunities for the Boston participants to interact with their European counterparts who will share the “inside story” of what it takes to achieve this level of change.

GRC Climate Study Tour, Dispatches from the Field

Throughout their travel study tour participants blogged about their reactions to design and policy innovations discovered in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, and Malmo.  Below are those dispatches posted on our news page.

From the Desk of Commissioner Spector – The Green Ribbon Commission’s Climate Innovations Study Tour in Northern Europe

GRC Study Tour Dispatch: Reflections from Boston City Council President Michelle Wu

GRC Study Tour Dispatch: Denmark, Energy Past and Present

GRC Study Tour Dispatch: The Multiplier Effect

GRC Study Tour Dispatch: The Edge

From the Library: Climate Innovations Study Tour

For all of the EU Climate Innovations Study Tour resource, visit our Library.

Study Tour Musings Online

Many participants shared their thoughts and photos on social media throughout the trip.  Here’s a collection of tweets and posts from the trip.