Renewable Energy Leadership Prize

The Green Ribbon Commission Renewable Energy Leadership Prize will award $100,000 to the organization (or consortium of organizations) that develops the most compelling strategy for large-scale renewable energy generation from either on-site or off-site sources.

The Prize is designed to inspire local large commercial, institutional, and public sector (CI&P) energy consumers to implement renewable energy procurement strategies at scale. Funding for the Prize comes from the Boston-based Barr Foundation as part of its Climate Program and efforts to promote clean energy in the region.

The winner will be selected through a competitive process.

Key factors to determine the winner will include:

  • The size of the proposed renewable energy solution, both in absolute terms and as a percent of the organization’s average energy consumption. (A minimum of 10MW of planned new renewable energy sources is required for participation in the competition.)
  • Demonstrated new capacity driven by the user’s purchase (“additionality”).
  • Timeline for implementation.
  • The level of organizational collaboration involved.

The Prize process will include access to technical assistance to applicants to increase understanding of large-scale renewable energy options and to build organizational capacity to execute those options.

GRC Releases New Materials for Renewable Energy Leadership Prize Judging Process

The GRC has recently released new information for interested prize applicants.  This memo outlines:

  • The Judging Panel: A senior set of renewable energy experts to review applications and make a recommendation to the Green Ribbon Commission team on the winning Prize application.
  • Judging Timeline: Applications are due December 1, 2015!
  • Scoring Criteria and Protocols: Details on how each application will be judged and how to submit your application.

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